Cabinets That Work For You.


Cabinets That Work For You.

CABINETS THAT WORK FOR YOU.Cabinets are built for storage, but they are also designed for decor. The functionality a cabinet shouldn’t mean they can’t add to the decorative effect of a home. While cabinets are not usually impervious to wear or scratching, they are among the less abused parts of a bathroom or kitchen, allowing you to choose something other than the most durable material available.

The door of the cabinet is the most visible part but that doesn’t mean it should be overlooked. An important consideration for any cabinet hardware choice is how the feature can fit into the rest of the rooms decor.

When it comes to concealed hinges, it may seem like the way to go, however, they work better for a more minimalist, contemporary bath or kitchen. A more traditional styled kitchen or bath should have decorative hinges and pulls in order to enhance the more ornate decorative scheme.

Concealed cabinet hinges:

If it is important for your hinges to be invisible or you want a contemporary kitchen or bath, the concealed hinges are going to streamline the whole look of your cabinets. It can also make the installation more difficult, this seems to only be a concern of the DIYers. Fully concealed hinges aka European hinges, are not necessary in order to minimize the visual effect of the hinges. Insert as well as semi-concealed hinges are going to allow for easier installation and still keep the hinges more or less hidden from the eye.

Decorative cabinet hinges:

Concealed, decorative and semi-concealed are only the most common categories of hinges. Coach, flush, counterflap, rising butt and self-closing are just a few of the specific kinds of hinges that are out there. If you have not come across a hinge that you like, look a little harder. No need to shy away and hide your hinge in your cabinet because you have a certain idea of what a hinge should look like.

Decorative cabinet knobs & pulls:

If you choose not to use decorative hinges, choosing a decorative cabinet knob or pull can still fix up your cabinet hardware. Do not get put off by the first knob or pull that you see, the striking effect of a cabinet pull might be exactly what the room is missing.