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Why Choose Vinyl Wrap Doors?

What is a vinyl wrap door? It is a door that is made up of MDF panel which has been cut, profiled and routed as desired and then it is glued and covered with vinyl that is pressed to the door using heat and vacuum. Normally, the back of the door will be pre-laminated. These

Benefits Of A Custom Kitchen

If you have a new kitchen in mind, you might have questioned whether it’s worth paying that bit extra for a customised kitchen. Custom cabinets seem to offer the same benefits as your standard kitchen, however, there are many great benefits you should be aware of before making a decision. Personalised Choices: Customised kitchens are

Your Kitchen Cabinet Finishes

After years of opening, closing and accidently slamming your kitchen cupboards, they start to show the wear and tear that we all dread. . . There may also be grease marks, water stains or even burns on your kitchen cupboards and the evidence will be more apparent depending on the type of finish that your


Cabinets That Work For You.

Cabinets are built for storage, but they are also designed for decor. The functionality a cabinet shouldn’t mean they can’t add to the decorative effect of a home. While cabinets are not usually impervious to wear or scratching, they are among the less abused parts of a bathroom or kitchen, allowing you to choose something