Your Kitchen Cabinet Finishes

Your Kitchen Cabinet Finishes

After years of opening, closing and accidently slamming your kitchen cupboards, they start to show the wear and tear that we all dread. . . There may also be grease marks, water stains or even burns on your kitchen cupboards and the evidence will be more apparent depending on the type of finish that your cabinets have. The finish you choose for your cabinets can be functional and representative of your own personal style. There are many different types of finishes that will help you achieve numerous looks and outcomes. Today, pickled finishes are definitely growing in popularity. A pickled finish is when a white pigment gets rubbed into the unfinished cabinetry. This finish will lighten the appearance of the natural wood. The pickled finish is mainly aesthetic and does not serve much of a protective purpose.

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Your polyurethane finishes can be applied over any of your artistic finishes on cabinetry. Whether you have glossed or painted your cabinets, the polyurethane finishes can be placed over as long as it is going to cover every part of the cabinetry. Your design and look will remain the same when using polyurethane finishes, however, it does help keep in the emission of formaldehyde gases. If you are looking for more damage resistant finishes then polyester and lacquer finishes are for you. The difference between the two of these finishes is that the polyester is solvent resistant, much harder to repair and more durable than your lacquer finishes. You will need a solvent in order to remove lacquer finishes, this however will make it much easier to reapply the finish thereafter. Both of these finishes will add a high gloss look to the colour or stain of your cabinetry.

There are many ways in which you can protect your kitchen cabinets and ensure that no matter how many bumps or years they have withstood, they will still look great. At Status Cabinetry and Construction we specialise in cabinetry, custom built kitchens and built in cupboards.